How Much Does The President Of Colombia Make Per Month?

How Much Does The President Of Colombia Make Per Month1

The president of Colombia represents the executive power of that country and is in charge of diplomatic affairs of the country and as in the case of most countries of the world is named Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Colombia.

They are elected by direct vote for a term of 4 years, with the option of re-election. Currently the position is held by Juan Manuel Santos whose term in office will cover up to 2018, being elected in 2010 and with just a controversial reelection in June 2014 where a runoff election is needed and where there was a turnout of 60% within the register of voters, the highest registered in the country.

The monthly income of president of Colombia are approximately about $ 18,500,000 Colombian pesos a month, about $10,000 monthly, so each year amount to $ 120,000 annually in local currency would be over 220 million Colombian pesos . The salary of the president is comparable to that of the President of Argentina Cristina Fernández.

As we saw, similar to the President of El Salvador no representation expenses count towards the salary of the president, whose fees can be up to $ 5,000 a month extra, however, this amount of money is never seen by the president as delivered directly as salary to his personal advisers.
How Much Does The President Of Colombia Make Per Month1
It also has the right to use the official residence of the Palace or Presidential Palace, where he and his family can live and make use of all the services provided within the residence, which is guarded by a battalion that is dedicated exclusively to ensure the protection of the president.

Similarly, in international travel within the country and used aircraft belonging to the Air Force FAC0001 Country is a modified Boeing 737 exclusively for the leaders of the country, you can also use two helicopters in special meetings.

The presidents of this country have the right as an annuity after his term, the amount of which is similar to the salary they had while they were in power, are also entitled to be part of an advisory committee that supports the current president.

Once they conclude their periods may occupy government positions within the same ministries of good government or international ambassadors or representatives of the country in the eyes of the world.

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