How Much Does The President Of Ecuador Make?

How Much Does The President Of Ecuador Make1

The President of Ecuador is a representative of the executive power in the country, making it the Head of State and Government of Ecuador, besides being the Chief of the Armed Forces of the country. The post lasts four years, with the right to reelection.

Currently the fee is Rafael Vicente Correa found from the January 15, 2007 in power, so it takes about 7 years at the helm of the country, being reelected in the elections of 2013, so this period of government will end until 2017.

This is the same salary you will have during 2015, as in 2013 froze for two years the salary of the president and some other officials towards its austerity trying to lead by example.

His salary is equivalent to about US $ 7.000 per month and is frozen, however, before he became president was greater than $ 8,000. All he had allowed to date was his salary increase just as did the minimum wage in the country each year. This earns more than the president of Peru and Venezuela, but still earn less than the presidents of Colombia, Chile and Argentina.
How Much Does The President Of Ecuador Make2
Officially he was not directly assigned resources expenses, office expenses, travel, clothing, and so on. In the case of travel would be paid for by public funds, however, must request authorization from the Congress of the country so that these resources can be used by the president.

Also during his stay in office is entitled to use with his family Carondelet Palace, which is the official residence of the president of the nation. It was the current president who decided to transform a part of this complex into a museum open to visitors, since in essence belonged to the people of Ecuador.

Undoubtedly generally costs more money to the government keep the job, as it requires security guard, you are not charged rent for the staff and the use of the facilities of the official residence and is entitled to use a number of vehicles owned by the nation. However, his salary is below 25 minimum wages that the Constitution sets a maximum for President of this nation, besides being far from the highest salaries of presidents of the continent.

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