How Much Does The President Of El Salvador Make Per Month?

How Much Does The President Of El Salvador Make Per Month1

The current president of El Salvador “Salvador Sanchez Ceren” is occupied with its motto “Together we all grow,” which premiered at the office on June 1, 2014 and whose term ends in 2019, came into power assuming a presidency with challenges ahead complex to solve. His position is the executive of his country, as well as being the head of government, state and General Commander of the Armed Forces of the country.

In a country where its legal currency is the de facto American dollar, much remains to be done before the current economic situation engulfing the country, where remittances from the United States is more than 15% of the country’s GDP, showing its serious economic dependence.

Salvador Sanchez Ceren salary

According to official records the president of El Salvador receives a salary of about $5,200 monthly before taxes to the state, with a considerable amount of money that many in his country would win, compared to how much they earn presidents of countries like Peru or Venezuela and being less than the salary of nations such as Mexico, Chile and the United States. Although this is difficult to find accurate data on their income, since even in the official website of the presidency can be as easy access to find the amount of your monthly income.

How Much Does The President Of El Salvador Make Per Month2

As in all presidencies actual costs of keeping the president is far from reality. It’s very different salary received by the President, to the amount of money it costs the country to keep in office. About $1,300 are included in their expenses, however, we know that security is protecting, official cars and official residence generate overhead for the coffers of the country that are not taken into account in this analysis.

It should take into account the amount of money that the president as annuity granted once it has ceased to hold office, covering expenses Salvadorans taxes for many years longer than their term.

Compared minimum wages in El Salvador will be taken into account to compare the income of the president; Thanks to a law of the past president of the nation, wages would increase by 12% until 2015, taking $ 117 U.S. dollars per month for agricultural workers and $ 251 U.S. dollars per month for workers in trade which means that the president of this country earns about 42 times more than farmers in their country and 19 times more than average traders.

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