How Much Does The President Of Honduras Make Per Month?

How Much Does The President Of Honduras Make Per Month1

Honduras is a republic located in Central America, the highest political figure in the country is represented in the head of state, which is the representative of the executive.

Elections for this position are held every four years, the same period is established for the presidency, and there is no possibility of reelection. Currently Juan Orlando Hernandez is in office since January 27, 2014, ending his term in 2018.

Although it is not the duty of the State of Honduras disclose the salaries of public officials, the president of the nation revealed in February 2014 that his salary is $ 93,000 lempiras Monthly (national currency of Honduras) corresponding to approximately $4.420 Us Dollars

His salary is not the highest in the continent that is led by Barack Obama, US president with $ 34,000 thousand dollars a month and less than the Presidents of Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, but is far from the last since it is occupied by the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales with just $ Monthly $ 2.160, although it could be considered to Mujica, president of Uruguay as the lowest paid and who donates about 90% of his salary to charity.

How Much Does The President Of Honduras Make Per Month2

As additional data in that interview he mentioned that during his four years in office would not increase his salary each year as is the norm in most countries of Latin America, in addition to announcing some similar controls on wages in other members of the government at national.

It also has authority to use the facilities of the Presidential House Honduras located in the capital Tegucigalpa “Palace José Cecilio del Valle”, with cleaners, gardeners, security and others.

During the term are entitled to the use of official vehicles ranging from cars to airplanes. Similarly possess a security force that is responsible for protecting the president and his family, it is not taken into account directly as part of wages, is taken as an expense of government.

Once the presidential term ends, the ex-presidents are not entitled to a pension as is common in other states, however, in 2013 a project to provide a pension of $2.380 US dollars former President Roberto Suazo, first democratically elected for the period 1982-1986, due to economic and health problems president.

This opens the possibility to create local ordinances that protect other characters who occupied the presidency of the nation of Honduras.

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