How Much Does The President Of Peru Make Per Month?

How Much Does The President Of Peru Make Per Month1

The president of Peru is in charge of the executive power in the Republic of Peru, who perform their duties for a period of 5 years. The presidents of this nation cannot be reelected in the immediate aftermath, however, after spending an election period can run again for president.

They are also leaders of the army and police of the country, and have the treatment Excellency the President. Currently the fee is in the hands of Ollanta Moises Humala Tasso, a former soldier who is in the position since July 2011, ending his tenure in 2016.

Also during his term of office may reside with his family in the Government Palace of Peru, located on the same site where the viceroys were located in the colonial era. It has a service consisting of about 200 people, who are paid directly by the government of the country.
How Much Does The President Of Peru Make Per Month2
Your current salary is among the lowest in the region, as perceived $ 15.600 soles, which corresponds to about $ 5,500 per month, earning more than the president of El Salvador and unless the President of Colombia. It is worth clarifying that this year, did not increase their salary by law corresponded, so it continues to receive the same amount. Similarly should clarify that wages do not fall in this miscellaneous expenses arising from his protection, and representation allowances, which are individualized on the payroll of the state.

While in other countries public wages sent to the Head of State is the person with the highest salary on the payroll in Peru this 2014 was decreed a measure by which government ministers earn about $ 10.600 U.S. dollars per month, which doubles the salary of the president. Also the salaries of several government officials have almost doubled, which is expected in the next period the salary of the president increases proportionally.

Once his term ends receive a pension from the government, the amount is not specified in the law, only mentions that should be enough to live, can also access entertainment expenses and personal private guard.

In some cases pensions for former presidents have cost the government up to $ 250,000 over the life of the leaders once they left office.

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