How Much Does President Of Venezuela Get Paid?

How Much Does President Of United States Get Paid Monthly1

The President of Venezuela is the executive power of the country, it is also the most responsible public office in the nation being representative of the citizens of the country, chief of the Armed Forces, and many other functions expressed in the 1999 constitution.

The period can be occupied for a period of six years and more than two periods of continuous government, the latter since 2009.

The current president of Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, who was elected in the controversial past elections after the death of Hugo Chavez in April 2013, ending this mandate in 2019.

His official salary is only $6.100 dollars per month; this places it as one of the presidents who earn less income in the region, surpassing only by the presidents of Bolivia, Honduras, El Salvador and Peru.

However, although it seems that little is entitled to allowances that are classified as office expenses, which have increased about 40% compared with the previous president and have been a source of criticism from the same government, because while many services in the country and products are scarce, there are rumors that this does not happen in La Casona, official residence and Miraflores Palace, seat of government.
How Much Does President Of United States Get Paid Monthly2
As an example paragraph of footwear within budget reached just over $ US $ 27.000, much higher than the salary that the president has officially also have had other expenses for travel concepts, clothing and entertainment expenses that are considered too high for the nation.

This has prompted opposition members point out the excesses of government compared to the living conditions they face millions of Venezuelans every day where the minimum wage is roughly $ 670 US dollars at the official exchange rate.

Also as is common in many countries of the world have the right to use along with his family from La Casona, which is located in the city of Caracas. Previously Miraflores Palace fulfilled this function, however, currently only serves as a workplace of the President. In addition, once just under President is entitled to pension and retirement of senior officials of public power. During the same period shall not hold any other office nor receive any other emolument from the nation. The salary of the President shall not exceed 12 minimum wages i.e. $3,900

Similarly entitled him and his family the use of official vehicles and have a bodyguard assigned to protect the president and his family over the years who is in power. The current presidential plane is a AirbusA319CJ, a Boeing 737-200 and two Jets Grumman executives.

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