How much do psychologist make per month?

How much do psychologist make per month 1

A psychologist is a person specializing in psychology that studies mental processes in three dimensions that are cognitive (thinking), affective (emotions) and behavioral (conduct). Psychology is a branch of medical study of more labor variants that can be found on the market: a psychologist can provide therapy for adults, youth or children equally can handle the area of ​​human resources of a company or opt for teach, among other things.

It should make clear that the race of psychology has a great demand among students as well as graphic design or accounting, which leads to greater professional competence despite being considered negative by many, allows for greater personal growth in all areas.

The salary of a clinical psychologist

The wide employment sector of psychology defines the different wages and here begin the differences between the various strands of work psychology, let’s start with psychologists and psychoanalysts give therapy as commonly imagined; The cost per visit in Mexico ranges from $40 bucks for an hour session, if we take an average and multiply it by three appointments a day 5 days a week we will have an income of $ 2.420 U.S. dollars monthly. Psychology has an average salary of around  $ 700 dollars.

However, the vast majority of professionals in psychology have two jobs, so we can add their work as teachers in different areas of knowledge in which by class time may be paid between $ 8 to $ 10 dollars, with 10 hours a week would have a total of  $ 600 as an extra but it may be the only work with normal 8 working hours earning $ 16,000 usd / month.

How much do psychologist make per month 2

Also can get a job in schools as counselors or advisors, especially in middle and high schools, in which they will guide youth through teenage problems. In this case have fixed salaries of $ 900 usd that do not necessarily need to pay all the hours of the school day, also have paid in the intersemester periods and benefits vacation.

They can have steady jobs in companies, specifically in the area of ​​human resources, which are paid fixed salaries between $ 900 to $1000, naturally with eight hours six days a week.

However, as in all professions a higher level of expertise directly leads to a greater amount of wage income. The newly graduated psychologist can aspire to a salary of $ 500 month. Someone with expertise can offer their class hours at $ 30 to $ 40 bucks, which represents up to twice the revenue than someone without that preparation.

In sum psychologist revenues depend on their level of education, expertise, experience, besides the sector which are engaged in providing their services similar to the chefs.

Psychology is a science that deals with human beings to understand and prepare psychologists with skills and knowledge to identify certain diseases, skills, attitudes and mental qualities of people trying a real perception with human self-realization by the psychologist mentally prepared to face the social problems of everyday life and this suggests happiness.

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