How Much Does a Radio Announcer Makes a Month?

how much does a radio announcer makes a month1

The broadcasters have a more or less comprehensive workplace in most countries, as well as journalists can work in public and private stations Radio and on cable channels that require their voices to acclimate or driving a program presented to the audience.

Usually radio broadcasters are graduates careers as communication sciences at least in Mexico, its best employment opportunities are within the major news on radio and television: Image Group, Millennium Group, Grupo Televisa Radio and Grupo Azteca, which control most of the stations in the country.

There are several formats in which you can work, you may prefer the seriousness and work in the news or a health program, policy or finance it reaches a group of specialists. Also may prefer programs or simple leisure amenities as those who only transmit music or talk on various topics.

That is why the profile of radio host can be very broad, as some professionals can lend their voices for radio programs, since they are the experts in the field, this would mean extra income for these professionals, like professions that earn as hostesses or secretaries is very large for women.

how much does a radio announcer makes a month2
Their salaries are fixed and depend on the degree of popularity with between listeners, their salaries range from $ 800 to $2,500 dollars if they are well recognized, with an average of $1,000 dollars per month.

These are base salaries, which increase according to seniority to be taken into the company, and other incentives, difficult to quantify, but can raise wages by up to 50% for each person, plus the privilege of having passes to art, music and cinema events, etc..

While in the United States wages are much higher, for example the great journalists, actors and celebrities that can reach more than $ 6.920 Monthly for their work in the media, regardless of guest appearances in other programs, interviews, royalties for written publications, that can double their income as we have estimated, the average being about $3.370 U.S. dollars per month and it is estimated that only 10% of announcers earns $ 1,300 dollars per month being clearly than in the United States earns much more than in Mexico because the public is more and coverage, public and are more exclusive radio stations, method to earn less than the nurses and doctors in America.

It should be noted that it is highly likely that a popular radio broadcaster, become TV news anchor, or the time that is broadcasting the radio program was recorded and televised, increasing their income. They can also receive payments for trade because of the trust they generate in the audience that listens to news or music either.

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