How Much Does Rafael Marquez Álvarez Make a Year?

how much does rafael marquez make a year 1

In Mexico football is undoubtedly most followed sports and acclaimed by the people of the country, hence the players, once you have achieved a career high salaries that place them as one of the best paid jobs.

The Michoacan Rafael Marquez is currently not at its best, with about 35 years, the time has come in which other players simply would throw in the towel. If you have wanted to know a few years ago How much does Rafael Marquez ?, surely the answer would have been a much higher salary when I joined for the FC Barcelona.

Salary Rafael Márquez

He is currently playing in the Italian side Hellas Verona, having played in the Mexican side León, and despite his age leads undoubtedly to a lower performance in the field, is ranked among the 15 players in Mexico 2014 highest paid along with Oribe Peralta.

how much does rafael marquez make a year 2

Its estimated salary is around 1.5 million dollars per year before taxes, that is, about 18 million Mexican pesos, perhaps the most logical reason that can explain why his high salary, is that still enjoys a wide acceptance among the public and the Mexican fans, reaching to become a legend, that after about participating in world football, returns to Europe. Its current value in the international market is 1.9 million coming to be valued at $ 20.7 million in 2006.

However, times have changed, for example when playing with Red Bull New York his salary was about $ 4.5 million annually, but due to poor performance recently was sold to Lion team.

In its heyday the player went on to win $ 6.5 million per year to the club side Barcelona, ​​at that time he was at the peak of his career and has been one of the three Mexican players who have won more money in a club abroad, only surpassed by Hugo Sanchez and now the Chicharito Hernandez.

As for his participation in the Mexican Selection, really do not make money by the Mexican Football Federation, responsible for paying their salaries are clubs have players, they decide if the salary increase a little if they are selected, which is why the player Carlos Vela decides not waste your time, the benefits are expenses paid to where they have to travel to play, however, the event opens up the possibility for other ways to make money advertising the media announcing all kinds of products and brands, which can be much more lucrative than the sport itself, since these agreements are in most cases millionaires agreements.

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