How Much Did Ronaldinho Makes a Month?

how much did ronaldinho makes a month1

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira better known as “Ronaldinho”. Undoubtedly Ronaldinho is one of the most iconic soccer players in Brazil, however, as in all sports, the weather starts to play against, since his salary is now over 100 times less than its income received 7 years ago also was not invited to play in the World Cup this year in Brazil with Neymar.

Currently 33 years old and since 2012; Ronaldinho plays for Atlético Mineiro, where his monthly salary is $ 150.000 U.S. dollars, a not insignificant considering that this is a $ 1.8 million U.S. dollars per year amount. While it has been helpful in your team can not afford to pay huge amounts of money given in his name in the past. Recently renewed his stay at Atletico, without disclosing the amount of their pay.

Until the year (2011 – 2012) played in the squad also Brazilian team Flamengo where his salary was $ monthly $ 600.000 an amount four times their current salary, however, had to leave the club because they had labor problems and economic with this team.

how much did ronaldinho makes a month2

It also has some advertising campaigns that will give about one million to two million dollars annually, each time this source of income can become your main business until the time he retires.

However, the best comparison may be with their income (2003 – 2007) while playing for FC Barcelona with Messi, where 26 years came to an income of about $ 25,000,000 per year ($ 2 million per month), of half a million which corresponded to royalties for sales, 9 million and a half was his base salary and the rest was obtained through advertising campaigns that had at that time.

In 2005 and 2006 he was declared player of the year by FIFA, were his moments of glory, most players go through such situations, however, most save a lot of money from their extravagant salaries in order to have a similar standard of living once they leave the court.

It is not long before the star announces his retirement from football permanently, however, still has much to give and above all he has left his mark on international football, where it will be long remembered as one of the large idol of his generation and many young people with the unmatched magic “Dinho R10”.

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