How Much Does a Secretary Make Per Month?

how much does a secretary make per month1

Currently secretaries remain amongst the most sought after professions in various institutions both public and private support performing mainly administrative or receptionist look at some office, however, although there is great demand supply is also very similar to the large social workers, so their wages are low, as in most of the jobs in the country.

The gain administrative secretaries, receptionists and assistants

To find out how much you earn a secretary, we must take into account various factors that may increase the salary of pretty secretaries, perhaps the most important is the domain of a language, as in all professions being bilingual, which tops the list is the english.

An average salary of a secretary full 8-hour shift working round between $ 295 to $ 480 dollars being receptionists and medical office as IMSS which more win and administrative the least. This is the wage offered by small and medium companies, sometimes includes some bonuses that can increase up to $100 bucks monthly income.

how much does a secretary make per month2
There is also a difference between the salaries of secretaries working in the public sector, those working in the private sector in general we can say that in the public sector earn approximately $100 dollars less on average, but has the advantage of that when working in some institutions is secured to work over the years.

Experience is also an important factor, since the higher wage jobs require at least one or two years of previous experience within an institution, to ensure a degree of quality in the work of the person.

Another important factor is where you work, some companies ask very specific profiles of their secretaries, seeking to preserve the image of the corporation, and these executive secretaries can expect to earn $750 – $1000 dollars a month with good technical negotiation, while if they speak a language and business hours can be increased up to $1,800 dollars a month. Note that these positions are few and unfortunately they only young women, aged 22 to 35 years like the flight attendants, only about 5% of secretaries earning wages of this kind.

Some secretaries choose to have two jobs, since office hours are divided into morning and afternoon, allowing them to sometimes two jobs, thereby doubling the amount of monthly income you have, or can work a shift complete, plus another half turn. While this is more consuming many more professions increasingly opt for having two different jobs at once.

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