How Much Selena Gomez Earn Per Concert?

How Much Selena Gomez Earn Per Concert1

Selena Gomez is an actress and singer-origin 22-year-old who is among the most popular with the public and potential expansion quite strong, with a life full of controversy and the focus of all pointing to it as a Justin Bieber, this points to the fact that his career will continue to grow exponentially over the years.

The win Selena Gomez per concert

We can consider various sources of income for the singer as Shakira, let’s start with the obvious: his performances on stage, it is estimated that for every show posing on stage charges around $ 100,000, which could rise a bit more if this is a private show, so I imagine that a year makes several of these events.

On the other side are the royalties from his records both in hard and digitally on iTunes and the TV series where in Wizards of Waverly Place earned $25,000 per episode, which can calculate approximately $ 50,000 per month just for her. But certainly most of your money will come from his line of clothing, cosmetics and perfumes, which has the potential to contribute to the coffers of the young singer to $ 200,000 per month, the goods are sold by fame and influence of the artist in his fans. This figure will include the amount of money you get from companies that have been risky to invest in products from beauty, clothes and even technology.

How Much Selena Gomez Earn Per Concert2

So we have to end a grand total of $ 350,000 per month, a figure that is not negligible, and that we should also consider increasing considerably in the moments in which the artist opens a disc or is touring the world and some great music awards galas.

However, it is difficult to know the actual amount of money coming into their bank accounts every month, a major difficulty lies in the large number of sources of income that may have and of course the lack of official information about their income since most of the stars do not usually publish their income to the world as One Direction.

Altogether in 2012 the fortunes of the singer was estimated at $ 5.5 million, tax-free and having all their properties, however, it is possible that this figure will rise to one million dollars in recent years thanks to its online beauty products. No doubt a star of the show and talented young when making movies and music videos becomes crazy to all its Selenators.

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