How Much a Senator Makes Per Month?

How Much a Senator Makes Per Month

A Senator of the republic is a member that integrates senators or Senate chamber, they are the decision makers in the country after being approved by the deputies. In democratic countries are elected by the citizens they represent.

The Senators are the camera with the ultimate authority over the deputies and the president of the republic is why we must be politicians, lawyers or engineers capable, experienced and experienced to make the best decisions for the country while in Argentina are a total of 72 senators in Spain are 266 and 128 are in Mexico.

The requirements for Congress Union are to be Mexican or otherwise of each nationality, be 25 years old, being from the state who will represent, not in active service in any other position or state minister.

Senators are elected every six years by popular vote being only two representatives from each party in each state, thus the team party that receives the most votes is the one who seizes the two seats in the Senate and in the same way the party was second gets one more, this happens every state least 32 members who are elected by proportional representation according to the number of elected members in the national election.

How Much a Senator Makes Per Month2

The answer to the question How Much a Senator Makes per Month? is not so simple, you earn 128 members that make up the chamber of senators known thanks to its financial statement that while it is not mandatory as we saw in How Much Money Does The United States President Barack Obama Per Month? has begun an initiative of transparency, but everyone has been reported which was given the win like a game find the price. Contrary to what MPs earn close to $16,000 dollars per month is estimated to senators earn $ 42.500 U.S. dollars per month with all bonuses and benefits included.

As we mentioned senators have the right to declare what they earn and thus it is as some say earning just $ 90 dollars / month … if less than the minimum wage, the deputy chairman of the chamber says winning $ 425,000 dollars per month, and between other amounts declared are $ 354,000, $ 289.703, $ 160.842, $ 91.000, $ 87.414 and a long list with no similarity like an auction and inconsistencies in their monthly and annual statements.

While the law requires them to tell the truth in the article 37 which says that to do otherwise will be suspended from his job 3 days to 3 months this seems worth little for senators, this because even they know how to fill out financial disclosure format.

This looks like a game but the importance of citizens to know the economic perceptions of senators with very high transparency to know how much they receive from bonds, which are bonds, receive travel support, receive bonuses support citizenship , the support received from the people, etc.. They are a long series of questions that today a country in need of progress cannot afford to leak important information. This makes us lead us to think that such monstrous amounts hidden shame senators gives them to make it public.

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