How Much Does Shakira Get Paid For a Concert?

How much does Shakira get paid for a concert 1

Shakira is one of the most recognized Latin American, internationally famous singers, has managed to secure a place among the great Latin singers of this generation, so it is expected that their incomes are billionaires.

As One Direction and all the singers through levels low record sales, piracy, and so their main source of income is to perform in concerts and advertising that may appear, among others.

How much money annually Shakira

It has been said that the singer charges about $ 800,000 for every concert, so if we think of a tour which takes only 20 concerts, we will have less than a year will have about $ 18 million. Although it is known that the case you want to hire for private parties the sum is much greater, there is talk of a figure close to a million dollars per show for this type of events, but certainly this concept Katy Perry remains the most wins.

For advertising concepts like the footballer are known to get between $ 1,500,000 and $ 3,000,000 per year for various advertising campaigns for different companies performing services and products. Besides their perfume adds more zeros to their bank accounts are probably bursting with money.

How much does Shakira get paid for a concert 2

He has sold nearly 60 million copies of albums, of which a portion of sales are to it (it is believed that about 10% to 15% of the profits from the disc). Possibly at this time your earnings are not in its best since I had some years away from the music scene, but their income on his return to rebound.

In 2010 the signing of a contract with a company presenting concerts took place for about 300 million dollars for exclusive rights to manage the famous concert singer, not the details of the contract but are known to be signed for 10 years believes that much vitality for the singer and his fans in past years came to fear his retirement from the music scene remains.

Recently Shakira participates in The Voice program (Voice) NBC where he was hired to be the most money wins with a total of $ 12 million to sit as a coach on the show The Voice for a period of approximately 5 months.

In total it is estimated that the singer has a fortune valued at $ 500 million, in their homes, cars, royalties, etc., an amount of money that has been obtained thanks to her leap to fame are included. Also with his current partner Gerard Pique adding achieve even greater fortune inherit their children and their talents which in itself are a great help in this world.

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