How much a social worker earn per month?

how much a social worker earn per month 1

A social worker is responsible for solving problems with human relationships, empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being. Social workers are usually related to related to the welfare of people in difficult situations either poverty or disease to be in prison or to be unable to perform procedures and paperwork before public institutions work.

However, despite its importance to society is a work in general is pretty underrated, this problem concerns not only Mexico but most Spanish speaking countries.

This is the reason why the scores needed to enter these careers are relatively low compared to other professions that are strongly linked to the profession, technical schools are responsible for preparing workers with theories of human behavior, systems and social psychology.

Social Worker Salary

The field of work is not exactly spacious, if any job openings, most of which occurs in the public service as the DIF, Seguro Popular, IFE, Police, Attorney, etc; Besides some private institutions are particularly social assistance, with nurses in hospitals such as IMSS.

how much a social worker earn per month 2

The problem is the low wages and generally fall between $500 to $700 a month for a full journey in most cases is full of +8 hours, so many people try to avoid taking this career. The annual salary would then be $ 6.350 dollars per month.

It is also difficult to find two jobs so much choose to teach at various schools, which can supplement their income with a total of between $300 to $400 a month. Similarly workers are employed in hospitals where they have a good income $ 900 per month in private hospital and public hospital $ 780 as imss.

Many choose to specialize getting a Master, although it is useful to improve the wages, it is also true that less labor market exists for these people that many companies come to consider overvalued and not give them the job but is valued more years of experience and seniority in a job. Those who are fortunate enough to get this can increase his salary to $ 900 a month, that although it is an improvement does not reach the limits of other professionals with greater range and academic preparation.

So overall we can calculate a salary working two jobs up to $ 950 in the best case, which contrasts with the wages of other careers they can aspire to double wages in a single job.

As you will notice the wages are generally quite low, however, many choose to get two jobs simultaneously to pay the bills at the end of the month, but it is certainly a difficult job to carry out than is necessary because it establishes Community support from social work to aid with injuries and illnesses that are important for the most vulnerable.

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