How Much Does A State Police Make?

How Much Does A State Police Make

In general, the State Police are responsible for ensuring compliance with the laws within the territory and stop and apply the law to those who break the rules of the area who care.

In Mexico there different levels within the police forces of the country, can find local, state and federal police and some Special Forces and Navy (from joint forces in metropolitan areas or assault teams), as a rule the highest paid are those belonging the federal sector.

Previously not many requirements to belong to public safety in Mexico is asking: have a clean police record and be between 20 and 45 years of age, however, in recent years this trend is changing, now required to be creditable.

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Currently certain training are required, with durations of between one month and can last up to a year. If you want to climb over the organization more focused studies are required, in many cases they are government either federal or state sponsored.

They work in shifts, depends largely on the region, however, usually cover set times on certain days a week, either during the day or at night, sometimes they can be three days a week with guards 24 hours followed. Currently prepared and confident looking so police and criminologists recruited college students.

The national median income for a State Police is about $710 per month similar to the military, however, there are areas where wages are very different. Currently the police found a better salary is Aguascalientes State Police nearly $ 18.173 pesos per month; On the other side of the coin we have the Tamaulipas State Police who earns just $ 3.600 pesos per month, ie only 1,000 pesos more than the minimum wage for risking his life to protect the civilian population of the crime.

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On the other side are the state police corporations at different levels, they are ministerial officers who are in the headquarters and local representation and officers of a higher rank and experience, the average salary for them is higher than $1.430 per month for ease salaries shown in the following image.

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In Spain it is equivalent to the Civil Guard; However, Mexico is a country of contrasts, anyone who lives in the country or visit the country can tell, so do the salaries of state police in the various states of the country, while some are quite well paid, others have a ridiculous amount as payment.

However, in the context in which we live, it is a profession that is no less dangerous, during the war against organized crime and drug trafficking are not many who join this adventure.

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