How Much Does a Systems Engineer Make Per Month?

how much a Systems Engineer per month 1

The computer systems engineer or computer engineer will optimize and develop complex computer systems using electronic technology to economically use materials for the benefit of humanity. The pace at which technology grows currently requires the attention of specialists in aspects of programming and digital systems, which regulate many of the activities of our society. It is in this context that the systems engineers and related professions as programmers perform their function, which is vital to maintain the pace of modern life.

This career requires a continuous update to enable better working results as each relatively little time, some programming languages ​​tend to change or add new functions that can only handle properly if we keep abreast of them.

Salary of a computer engineer

It is true that there is a broad field of work for all the people who decide to study engineering systems as seen on How Much Does a Civil Engineer, however, wages paid and the opportunity to acquire a job depends heavily on knowledge were acquired during the race or subsequent updates like mechanical engineers and industrial engineers with constant preparation.

The salary for a recent graduate of this race ranges between $600 and $800 dollars per month. This basic salary may be increased if you have certifications that guarantee knowledge of the person on certain systems and programs. The average salary of a computer engineer ranges from $800 to $1,500 dollars per month depending on where you work and their knowledge and experience.

However, the certifications have variable costs, some certifications are known as Linux, Apple, Ajax, Oracle, Java, among others. These certifications tend to increase to 30% the salary of persons engaged in computer systems.

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There workplace both in public and private institutions, the latter being those that pay better. In private projects in companies specializing in systems salaries can reach up to $ 1,500 if contracting requirements, which include certain certifications are met.

Certainly companies that pay better are the multinationals, despite having much more specific hiring requirements offer salaries $2,300 dollars as basic salary if you already have some experience in the sector.

Another option is the installation, repair and maintenance of private networks, working as a sole practitioner, even creating their own websites, this market is very broad. They can make adjustments and repairs to personal computers or maintaining large systems within hospitals and schools to quote an example; these professionals can earn a salary between $ 10,000 to $ 14,000 pesos with the advantage of having a steady job with their independent contracts, which can be done in your spare time.

This professional requires having much knowledge in programming and systems and keep up with new trends and technologies to develop internet entirely their work may be quoted very high and even the same generating good money.

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