How Much Does a Torero Earn?

how much does a torero earn 1

The bullfighter despite being one of the currently most controversial professions, the bullfighters are still part of life for many people who enjoy bullfighting, despite the shouts and protests from animal advocates who oppose the conclusion of these events and the high risk that has this profession.

The salary you receive varies greatly among different fighters, in addition to the space in which they arise and the country, as it is not the same as being in a big city to be in a village with small populations, also carry large costs on animal care with veterinarians and purchase and breeding bulls worth as 20,000 dollars.

Salary Toreros

Despite all wages if we consider the time devoted to work is relatively good, for example, the third flagman whose salary is usually always the youngest, charges about $ 400 dollars per event.

This is the lowest wage, however, comes the first flagman receivables event in a large town or village square of about 1000 persons charges about $ 720 dollars per event. The average salary is about $600 per event.

Do not forget that perhaps the biggest business is in organizing bullfights and livestock for these events, which is not cheap, but it can have very lucrative for those who decide to enter economic benefits.
how much does a torero earn 2
Wages also fall in the event that the event is a bullfight of about 2,000 people, where cattle are smaller and bullfighters, are the most recognized in bullfighting, which the salary of the principal bullfighter round $ 2400 dollars per event.

However the big famous bullfighter Julian Lopez “El Juli” Paul “Beautiful” Mendoza, Enrique Ponce, El Cid, José Tomás and others arrive to charge for each event $ 100,000 to $ 300,000 pesos in Mexico (7600 – $ 23.000) or $ 1,500,000 to $ 3,200,000 pesos in Spain (115,000 – $ 240.000) per event and this adds reaching gusts of tours which can take 5 to 25 runs in a year, this is the reason that tickets for such events are often much higher.

The main problem for those who want to be a bullfighter is the limited number of opportunities available to access the bullfight, since it is not a very open question at least in employment opportunities “sport.” Then there is the social stigma that grows increasingly opposed to these events.

While there are fewer events in which the most renowned bullfighters are presented, which are better wages and profits leave the farmers, the main problem of the so-called Fiesta Brava lies in the opposition of thousands of people around the world to consider it a pseudo sport, which only shows a negative side of humanity and culture change today, fewer and fewer supporters, though some supporters say bullfighting never disappear.

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