How Much Does A Trader On Wall Street Make?

How Much Does A Trader On Wall Street Make1

When you think of a broker or Stock Broker, the first thing that comes to mind may be the great buildings of Wall Street, the New York Stock Exchange with its thousands of brokers buying stocks and currencies image very sold by the American cinema, but every country has its own stock exchange as in the case of Mexico is Bolsa Mexicana de Valores.

Overall are graduates of Management, Economics or related areas, most of them start in this work as interns or trainees where they have wages or working on a commission basis (a percentage of the investment, either in profit or loss).

A broker is a person who is in charge of buying shares to a group of investors, which buy from a company or directly in the market, otherwise each investor should try to buy (sometimes inexperienced) actions each company individually. They also provide advice about the movements that occur in the bag, the overall investment performance, but always the last word belongs to the owner of the money.

Salary broker

It is difficult to calculate their salary worldwide, since it agrees to economic cycles, also about the experience, the above results, the degree and managing multiple languages.
How Much Does A Trader On Wall Street Make2
In the early years, before having enough experiences wages may be up to about $ 40,000 a year which means that per month earns about $ 3.330 US dollars.

However, with nearly 10 years’ experience salary can reach triple up to about $ 120,000 a year.

In most brokerage firms are given a small commission to the broker (between 1% to 3% of the value of the shares) in addition to the base salary that is given to the broker, which greatly increased the income of the person. There is also a mode in which you live only of these commissions, which can generate a lot of money if you’re a runner recognized even charging for each automatic movement.

In Mexico there are brokers, if you want to get better wages you must live in Mexico City, where are the best job offers, the richest people in the country and the headquarters of major brokerage houses. It is difficult to find estimates of wages in Mexico, as well as those described above correspond to US wages.

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