How Much Does Vete a la Versh Make a Month?

How Much Does Vete a la Versh Make a Month1

Vete A La Versh is an animated series broadcast primarily through YouTube, now through your own domain, the series is based on two characters: Mecoboy and Darkar, their quality has progressively increased. Currently its newer chapters can only be seen through their official website.

Revenues Darkar Company

Despite all the achievements that animated this series manage to have the hand of its creator Robert “Darkar”, it is known with its official statements that the company that created and gives life to his characters in more than one occasion found about to close for lack of funds.

However, it is known that its revenues are derived from advertising campaigns placed on your web site and google terra, a famous brand of condoms, search engines, among others currently support the project. Currently in his YouTube channel has over 4,200,000 subscribers and is used solely as a means to attract followers to his official website to see the new chapters; It is believed to Vete A La Versh was removed from YouTube for content deemed unfit for all age groups for its humor and bad language.

The amount by which the campaign paid the company is not known, however, to keep the site afloat and projects that promise delivered with the money they already have insured, these campaigns should have an estimated value of between $ 3.850 to $ 7.700 U.S. dollars.
How Much Does Vete a la Versh Make a Month2
He also raised more than $ 40,000 to continue the project in the Bottomer, but were donations and cannot be considered income, allow the project to go afloat with the payment of their wages and improve quality and each chapter takes up to 35 hours.

These figures prove their income, but not their bottom if any, since you must pay the salaries of animators, writers, website, software licenses they use to make the animations, so you can say that the least at this point, this channel is in the process of performing an economic equilibrium.

For some time promoted the sale of the first seasons on DVD, which meant a real source of revenue for the company certainly imagine that sold 1000 DVDs, each of which have a profit of $ 5 bucks, then the total would be $ 3.850 U.S. dollars. Probably in the not too distant future this strategy can again carry out and give respite to these animation studios. It’s a shame that the series will not continue distributing and stay in the channel that made them famous as others are doing, like dross, werever, yuya or german.

This may serve as an example and show that not all cases a popular product and well received by the audience is synonymous with commercial success, breaking the scheme to which YouTube can be a gold mine for some people and their productions.


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