How Much Does A Waiter Get Paid Per Month?

How Much Does A Waiter Get Paid Per Month1

All the waiters know, those people who treat us every time we visit a restaurant, bring our food dishes, take care that we are comfortable in the place where we are eating and are the face that represents the place we visited.

Undoubtedly it is not a simple job to start in many establishments should start from the position of dishwasher to start climbing and reaching this position, they must also deal with customers and orders quickly bring diners.

Unfortunately in many restaurants payment is the minimum in 2014 equals about $ US $ 193, but also take into account that tipping complement wages, representing sometimes more than 50% of their profits, being higher in tourist places.

This is not entirely reproducible in all restaurants, much depends on the category of the place, to cite one example, and if you speak another language (English) can serve foreigners at least in the popular imagination spend more money. Also depend on the type of restaurant, the more luxurious better salary will $760, with no clear tips. More requirements are required if you want to work here.
How Much Does A Waiter Get Paid Per Month2
The famous gratuities complete part of their wages, not only in Mexico, but in many countries. However, we note that the amount integrates the tip is not only the waiter, but is divided among various employees of the establishment, cooks, dishwashers, cleaning people, among others. For this reason if you have the chance you should consider tipping (between 10-15% in Mexico).

So if we divide restaurants into two categories lower and high, we would have a month in the restaurant lowest would have a higher estimated salary up to US $770, while in a Category you could end up having incomes up to US $2.300).

It is important to consider that if you work in this type of commercial business, chances are that the day which by law is free is not in the weekend, because for obvious reasons these are the days with increased demand from diners. You can switch jobs if you have a fixed schedule on the premises, but we must clarify that this can become quite complex, so not so common.

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