How Much Does A Writer Make Per Month?

How much does a writer make per month1

Although anyone can be a potential writer, there are careers that focus on developing skills and own art of writing skills as: Philosophy, Literature Hispanic, and Communication, among others.

While there is a relatively large for this profession work profile, we can say that is the worst paid professions in general. You can choose to be a freelance writer and publish your own books and novels, a writer of your own blog as we saw gains as a blogger, journalist, working as a freelancer or writing projects. Also considered writers of cinema, writers, songs or composers.

Salary writer journalism

In Mexico journalism (one of the approaches which can engage the writer) is among the 10 races lowest paid, with an average of $ 615 US dollars, focuses on writing news and articles of interest.

The salary depends largely on the magazine or publication for which you are working, i.e. the more commercial and large the best publication will pay. To reach large publishers is indispensable handling more than one language, in addition to checking experience and even is likely to require check writing skills before entering the publisher, in this case the average salary can reach $1,538 dollars a month, however, take into account that it is a pretty competitive field as biologists.

It also depends on the scope of the publication for which they work, the level of scope (either local, national and international), likewise depends on the level of expertise of the publication, as the person seeking such magazines have greater purchasing power and we must learn to sell as a car salesman.

How much does a writer make per month2
Salary writer Books

However, there are writers who come to be quite successful and manage to position their books between people, leading to large income. For instance, if your book is selected to be adapted into a film, surely the amount you pay production houses for the work will be several million dollars, for example quoted Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Stephen King, Robert Kiyosaki or JK Rowling. Unfortunately not all come to have this windfall (or success).

To calculate the profits obtained by the writer must consider the sale of a book is split between the author (writer), Publisher, Distributor and Bookstore, thus we obtain that the net value of a book, the writer gets only 10 % of the price, while the rest is divided between intermediaries. But if we consider the example of a bestselling book, we have huge profits are exponentially.
How much does a writer make per month3
The future in this career depends on a variety of factors (like your salary) not enough just to be an excellent writer also required contacts within the industry and being publicist to aspire to a better job or more project if you’re Freelancer.

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