The win Werevertumorro?


How much money does earn werevertumorro? Who is Werevertumorro? If you are a little confused that the return has not been given by YouTube sometime during the past 2 years, surely you don’t know Werevertumorro, but if asked you for how much WINS Werevertumorro then it is logical that you know who is this funny character that has impacted on the Internet since the 2010.Mucho has spoken about revenues that Gabriel Montiel gets each month through YouTube have been created many issues of so-called calculations which is intended You can win the famous on the internet.We have to know that the only way to know exactly how much WINS Werever through Youtube is asking to him or any of his friends.

But we can do something are calculations of what in this 2013 WINS with his videos coming up every week and even more lleganda to impact with 1,000,000 visits in just one week in passive income month after month increase you the portfolio.Remember that last year Werever had a show called “Werevertumorro Show” with this kind of show, just go that if they generated good income to you as to any play but today has no Show so we can calculate from YouTube.


Well come every Werever to upload a video directly impacts to 5,000,000 of subscribers on YouTube and every publishing your video on Facebook impacts 6,700,000 Fans. Assuming the inactive fans and subscribers not logged in youtube we have within just hours of new video, this is seen by more than 500,000 people who become reproductions.To not make it long videos depending on the theme clear and quality that makes people share, they get 1,000,000 of reproductions that multiply you by 5 videos per month; It gives us a total of 5,000,000 of reproductions.

Now know on average of the profit of $0.7-$1 USD each 1000 reproductions get to winning $3,500-$5,000 USD each month just with what rose that month… but what with the 5 videos of the past month and the other 5 of two months ago and so on for two years, then gave the task of analyzing the increase in reproductions of videos and know that if is they come to play some videos but others grow very little then we estimate that with the previous videos win the double, meaning Werever WINS of $7,000-$10,000 USD per month.This has made us ask another question which we are sure you will like it… As Werevertumorro friends win? It is well known that friends and inseparable from Gabo help you make your video and which also profits that Gabriel gets every month and even most of them already have their own channels like Luisito Rey, La Lata (which is his older brother Alex Montiel), coffee box among other.To find out how much their friends earn, you should ask them, but we estimate that they earn on average $1,500 USD per month.

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