Which are the actions?


The question is which are the actions?What is most common have shares in the stock market, shares to capital, distribution of shares among others. Actions are generally small investments of popular or personal capital of a corporation.

This means that when we buy some action or part of economic property that can generate income passive or active in any dimension makes us shareholders since we own a small part of that society as well as other taxpayers shareholders.In other words, an action represents the property that a person possesses economically of a larger society (heritage fraction). Actions are generally transferable freely between investors and grant certain rights to its owner (shareholder) as a vote on full democracy in shareholders meetings, decisions of the future of the heritage as well as the dividends.


Actions represent an investment in equities, given that there is no guarantee any fixed return after the investment capital by shareholders or is established in the contract, this refers to depends on the good prosperity of the company or business.One of the reasons that made the actions so popular among investors despite not having a warranty and dependent on volatile sources that change value in a short time and can let have the initial aggregate value, is that after a long trade actions have given a good performance as opposed to other values that do not guarantee anything.

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